In the field of pre-registration and pre-sale, we offer not only online ticketing solutions, but also the creation of visitor data concerning the classic pre-sale with mailing of (personalized) tickets, catalogues, and information material, both versions including debt collection.
The registration of trade visitors on the trade fair site combines ticket sale with the collection of visitor data and the creation of personalized badges. In connection with the electronic access-control of an FKM-certified system (FKM = voluntary control of trade fair and exhibition numbers), the organizer thus not only receives the market data for his event, but all information relevant for the FKM review.

{:de}Individuelle Besucher-Badges{:}{:en}Customized visitor badges{:}

{:de}Handscanner für Einlasskontrollen{:}{:en}Scanner for access control{:}

Profit from our over 20 years of experience in all the fields of registration and ticketing.
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  • Consultancy service
  • Project management and coordination
  • Ticket portal
  • On-site visitor registration
  • Creation of badges
  • Access control
  • Provision of the registration personnel
  • Provision of hardware
  • Lead-tracking solutions
  • Data management
  • Evaluations / statistics / analyses
  • Further services for visitors (Welcome-Services, Match Making)

Our well-experienced employees are, of course, also glad to assist you with the project handling with your own systems – just contact us to discuss your individual requests.

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<strong>Jörg Reutter</strong>Head of Visitor Services<br>
+49 (911) 30 945-030