the modular solution for your event.

With our smart solutions we offer efficient and
easy services for the trade fair branch!


Online Guide

Digital exhibitor search in responsive design.

Branded after your specifications as the perfect digital extension for your event.

Everything an exhibitor search has to be capable of:

The intelligent filter and search function helps visitors to find exactly the content they are looking for. Target-oriented and efficient.

Besides an exhibitor list and an interactive hall-plan, the Online Guide offers an overview of exhibited products as standard. Compatible with all browsers.

  • High acceptance and more traffic due to the native integration in your event pages
  • Intuitive user guidance – absolutely state-of-the-art
  • Statistics for a better understanding of visitors

Mobile Guide

The Mobile Guide – our app-solution for your event.

Native applications for iOS and Android display your trade fair in a contemporary, digital, and mobile way.

The complete package for smartphones:

Detailed exhibitor lists, interactive hall plans, and all exhibited products are standard features of our Mobile Guide.

Furthermore, a comprehensive search function allows users to get individual information about your event.

And for your concluding analysis of the event, you are able get to know your visitors better by evaluating the app.

For the best reach we get your event in the app stores for you.

  • Optimal event preparation by user-friendly favorites-handling

  • Quick performance and low memory usage for a high using comfort

  • Attractive and clear design

Value Guide

The Value Guide – your service for potential exhibitors.

With our budget-planner your potential exhibitors can calculate the success of their trade fair participation.

Would you like to reach out to potential exhibitors as early as possible?

With our Value Guide you can offer interested parties the opportunity to calculate the potential success of their participation, based on their individual budget.

Our planning tool is not only a genuine support for potential exhibitors, but it also generates valuable leads for you.

Simultaneously, you determine the relevant trade fair targets of your target group.

  • Comparison of participation budget and potential trade fair success

  • Easy usage, even for trade fair novices

  • An acquisition instrument of the relevant kind


Pocket Guide

The practical orientation support for the pocket.

All halls and information of your choice at a glance. A simple medium for every visitor.

Offer a quick overview of your halls and exhibitors.

We present your hall plans in the handy fold format – in an optically attractive edition – together with the most relevant event information.

With a maximum occupancy of 6 halls, our Pocket Guide presents the best orientation assistance for your visitors.

And this even for a small budget, as each medium will cost you less than 50 Cent (with a circulation of 5,000 copies)!

  • Topicality due to short production time

  • Low price per piece – high acceptancy

  • Quickly distributed, easily displayed everywhere

Visitor Guide

The optimal print medium in magazine format.

24 pages with halls, exhibitors, and important information about your event.

Place your halls with exhibitor legend in the attractive magazine format.

Additionally, we offer you a space for an editorial overview of the highlights of your event and further important information.

Thanks to the low price per piece of less than 65 Cent (with a circulation of 5,000 copies), you can even hand out our Visitor Guide as a free-of-charge orientation medium to your visitors.

  • Good readability due to a detailed display of the halls.

  • Sufficient space for program, highlights, and editors.

  • Handy to display and take away

Hall Guide

Enable your visitors to get a better overview:

The clear XXL-perspective for your hall plans on site.

The large-size combination of hall and exhibitor list offers your visitors a detailed panoramic view of the hall they are visiting.

By marking the location and coloring special areas we guarantee an easy orientation.

Make the trade fair visit easier with our cost-effective solution – the Hall Guide directly in the hall.

  • Versatile usage due to deployment in PDF-format

  • For an easy installation on the complete event site

  • Cost-effective alternative to Digital Signage


Ticket-Management System

Smart ticketing-system for your event

Our Ticket-Shop simplifies the ticket sale for your events. Choose the fitting package from 4 versions.

Our bilingual Ticket-Management System offers comprehensive services on a high level:

Orders in compliance with the data protection law (DSGVO), versatile ticket and voucher forms, as well as an integrated exhibitor-area form the basis of our application.

The offer is completed by accompanying services: We take care of the project management, 2nd and 3rd level support, as well as the payment settlement, and thus reduce your effort to a minimum.

  • Easy use due to a short-notice installation and reliable hosting

  • Customizing of frontend and forms, tailored to your event

  • Transparent dashboard for relevant evaluations and data-downloads

Visitor Registration

The compact visitor registration model for your event

Create badges with our practical solutions and get useful information about your participants.

Our intuitively operable registration software and our ergonomic hand-scanners enable you to get a structured and comprehensive data generation – easy and quick.

A complex infrastructure such as networks or stable internet connections are not necessary, you only have to provide an electricity connection.

With our data management – including evaluations – you get to know the behavior of your participants and thus create a sound data basis for future planning.

  • Stand-alone-solution due to mobile hand-scanners and custom-fit software.

  • Meaningful statistics about the access behavior of all participants.

  • High-quality badges to support communication


Profile Content

Guarantee your exhibitors the optimal online presentation!

We provide relevant content for the profiles of your exhibitors. With intensive research and targeted direct addressing we generate helpful key information for your visitors.

Boost your online exhibitor search by implementing additional options for autosuggest, scoring, and hit lists, as well as filter variants.

We guarantee ambitious compliance rates with quality claim. Provide your exhibitors with an experienced partner, who supports them in the creation of a meaningful profile.

Upon request we finally deliver reliable statistics regarding the filling level of the exhibitor profiles.

  • Immense increase in information depth in the exhibitor profile

  • Simplified matching of offer and demand for all participants

  • Increased relevance of the Online Guide

Data Refinement

Use our support to increase the value of your data base.

We take care of the adjustment and validation, and check your data pool for completeness and correctness. Thus, obsolete and insufficiently maintained data become history.

We get your data base fit for a quick and simple processing.

We refine your data base either by web-form, by mailings with reply, or via simple research, and return them in common data formats for your CRM. Annoying inactive data becomes history.

With our service and our expertise you can be certain that you can always refer to current, correct, and professionally processed data – the most valuable and most important resource in business.

  • Increased success rate due to current and unified customer information

  • Reliable data base for your individual fields of application

  • Time gain by outsourced working processes

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