Campaign Develoment

We plan our campaigns carefully and individually for each and every event

The ways of ordering, either in the E-Shop or by forms, are being constantly improved with the help of exhibitor interviews to enable your exhibitors to concentrate on the point, when they make their media entries – to attract new customers.

To achieve that, we constantly tune our trade fair media to the requirements of the market and optimize our offer of cross-media ad-forms.

By analyzing of buying behavior and based on our well-trimmed data base, we develop campaign plans for the optimal utilization of turnover potentials.

We give a face to your exhibitors by providing a suiting media package of every one of them.

Profit from our successful (up)selling-strategy – for an improved turnover.

Your contact

<strong>Andreas Lipsmeier</strong>
<strong>Andreas Lipsmeier</strong>Proxy and General Sales Manager<br>
+49 (201) 8316-038