At communication’s service for over 80 years.

Oktober 26th 1927
Founding of the company as Lokal-Post Verlag GmbH by August Sutter (* March 10th 1890 in Spiesen-Elversberg/Territory of the Saar Basin) and Ernst Möller as a newspaper publishing company advertisement financed weekly newspaper “Essener Lokal-Post”.

August Sutter

August Sutter

Sutter concludes its first contract with the German Reichspostreklame The first “Örtliche Fernsprechbuch” of Greater Essen is published by the Lokal-Post Verlag

Under the pressure of the National Socialist Regime the publication of the “Essener Lokal-Post” is ceased. The “Örtliche Fernsprechbuch” is also published for the last time. To ensure the company’s continuity a small print shop is acquired.

February 1949
August Sutter’s son Hans Friedrich (* March 5th 1928 in Essen) enters the company.

A new contract with the German Postreklame is concluded. As the first published product after the war the “Fernsprechbuch Gelsenkirchen” is released. A further 18 “Örtliche Telefonbücher” follow in the 1950s.

December 30th 1950
August Sutter dies in Essen. His wife, Elisabeth Sutter, becomes holder, his son, Hans Friedrich Sutter, absorbs – only 21 years old – the company.

H. F. Sutter acquires the Berlin publisher Reimar Hobbing and the associated Dom-Verlag.

Hans Friedrich Sutter

Hans Friedrich Sutter

March 1976
Founding of the Orun Verlag Sutter GmbH for cartography.
(port maps etc.)

March 1985
The Orun Verlag Sutter GmbH rebrands as A. Sutter Messe-Verlag GmbH.

Beginning of the partnership between the trade fair publisher and the Düsseldorf Messegesellschaft mbH NOWEA for the publication of trade fair catalogs.

May 1989
Moving in of the company into Bottroper Straße 20.

Bottroper Str. 20, Essen

Bottroper Str. 20, Essen

July 1989
Martin Sutter (*November 5th 1954) enters the A. Sutter GmbH as head of the branch Alfred Kernen Verlag. Furthermore he is appointed a co-opted member by the supervisory board of the Sutter-Gruppe.

November 1989
Acquisition of the Osteuropa Werbe- und Marketinggesellschaft mbH (Munich).

March 9th 1990
Hans Friedrich Sutter passed the conduct of the company to his eldest son Christian (* February 4th 1952).

May 1993
Dr. h.c. Hans-Friedrich Sutter dies in Berlin.

Martin Sutter is appointed a full member of the supervisory board of the Sutter-Gruppe.

February 1996
The A. Sutter Verlagsgesellschaft carries on business of the A. Sutter Messe-Verlag GmbH and of the Südwestdeutschen Verlagsgesellschaft, acquired in 1995, a publisher for resident directories and economy reference books.

The Messe- und Osteuropa-Verlag opens a branch on the EXPOCENTR grounds in Moscow.

April 1999
The newly founded Dialog Gesellschaft für Direktmarketing mbH takes up employment in its call-center in thew new Bamler Servicepark.

August 2001
Der Messe- und Osteuropa-Verlag is established as a branch of the A. Sutter Verlagsgesellschaft.

May 2003
Martin Sutter is appointed head of the A. Sutter GmbH as well as its affiliated companies A. Sutter Verlagsgesellschaft and Dialog Gesellschaft für Direktmarketing mbH by the Sutter-Gruppe supervisory board.

Bottroper Str. 20, Essen

Martin Sutter

August 2003
The A. Sutter Verlagsgesellschaft assumes the business division trade fair publication and trade visitor registration of the Fair Business Medien & Marketing GmbH in Nuremberg and thusly expands its portfolio by trade visitor registration on fairs.

January 1st 2007
Martin Sutter acquires the A. Sutter Verlagsgesellschaft and the Dialog Gesellschaft für Direktmarketing mbH from his siblings and co-associates pursues them as sole holder.

The A. Sutter Verlagsgesellschaft re-brands as A. Sutter Fair Business GmbH.